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Definition of Successful

Definition of Success

Gaining or having gained success, the degree or measure of succeeding, favorable or desired outcome and the attainment of wealth, favor, or eminence.

Take a moment and think back to when we were children and our wants and dreams. Playing and making friends. That was our highest level of success to be reached. Move on to adult hood and we’re introduced to the world and its different paths to travel. We began to recognize the different socio economic groups and what things really costs. Our desires changed. Therefore, our view of success changed. We wanted nice clothes and the best cars. A healthy socail life. A family. Wealth.

This is where society added pressure to be the best, beat out the next person, and make the most money. Reality sets in that not everyone can be at the top and that life throws lemons of disappointment, failure, set backs, and stumbling blocks. While choosing what should be a priority, you lose that spark, that gleam in your eye because dreams seem unobtainable. Some give up before they even began. However, these moments are meant for growth. To reveal your true self and to put you on the right path to where you are really meant to be. 

Changing your outlook on the world will change your life significantly. Most of all, it will create confidence, positivity, motivation, and success. True success. Because positivity breads confidence, confidence breads motivation, and motivation breads success. And because success isn’t a one size fits all accomplishment, you can feel pride in what you want and have achieved. Impact, Economic, Family, Career, Inner, and Physical successes are just as important as wealth. There are plenty of rich people who are unhappy. Practice the art of attraction. Give what you want to receive.

Never compare your success to another person’s; never measure your progress by the wrong measuring stick. Find happiness in your own successes. Setting levels to reach in every aspect of life and reaching and surpassing them is real success to me. It’s overcoming adversity and building the resilience to move on from mistakes, failures, delusions, and setbacks. I’ve had my share. Looking back over my life and my original plans to where I am now, I wouldn’t change a thing. I’m thankful for not getting anything that I wasn’t ready for and anything that I could not handle. I wanted to finish college, have my own business, and obtain my real estate license. I’m beyond my first levels of success, and if anything, seems like it’s time to create new goals.

The sky isn’t my limit, just another milestone. I am successful.

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