Mental Wealth


Do you remember saying to yourself, when I do that, I will….Or if that, then this? Why do people always make excuses so we don’t do the things we really want or desire? It has everything to do with our belief system. This system will shape your destiny.

When we grow up our beliefs change:

* It’s not right to want too much abundance.

* If you are not careful, people will take everything you have!

* All rich people are snobs.

But, remember those days when we were growing up:

* I am going to be super rich.

* I am going to travel the world.

* I am going to be a rockstar/moviestar.

What actually happens in our lives that changes our belief in ourselves and our abilities to achieve? In my opinion when we are getting older, we are facing people or experiences in our lives that tell us we could never be, have to acquire something, or led us believe that we could never be all we could be.

Is a bad experience or a huge let down something that happens to make us think we deserve less than our dreams? We have to conquer it and be grateful for the things that are still wonderful in our lives. By changing the way we view our lives and implementing positive affirmations we can re-shape our future.

*My dreams are obtainable

*I will succeed at everything I put my heart in.

*Riches are drawn to me, I have more than I’ll ever need

This isnt an instant fix, but through simple techniques like goal and target setting, you can get the ball rolling.

Let me define the difference between a goal and a target. At least this is my opinion, because I know there are different explanations about this matter. Through experience in my own life, I came to this definition. Goals have dates, targets don’t.

Target setting is anything which you need, want or desire to achieve, have or master in which the pathway of realisation may not at this time be revealed. This target is one in which you are unconditionally committed. So much so, that you can give your highest level of human commitment. E.g. I intend to become a top earner in my company.

Goal setting is simply the act of writing down the result you want to achieve by a specific date in the near future on a piece of paper. You can work towards it in easy baby steps. It must be easily achievable, so you will not face any fear of accomplishing that goal. E.g. signing up at an article directory today before noon.

To help get you started, define your target and baby step through your goals. Implement a few steps and affirmations in your life on a regular and consistent basis. Taking massive action for just one day won’t get you far, however, taking 10 little baby steps every day or so will get you where you want to go if you just keep going and don’t quit!

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