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Top Business Ideas 2019

Own business can be one of the most worthwhile things in your life. The years of civilized market relations have already shown us: own business is an interesting occupation, good money for a wedding, and public recognition.  What types of businesses are best to start in 2019? We would like to bring to your attention 6 useful ideas that have the greatest prospects in the coming year and will definitely bring you a large profit.

  1. Instagram business

Nowadays, there are many ways of doing business through Instagram, ranging from selling ready-made goods to making money on the social network itself, that is, administering and promoting accounts, selling photos, or performing different tasks. The distinguishing characteristic of Instagram is that it gives you the opportunity to find options for both easy earnings and business for your own pleasure, like keeping a blog on a favorite matter. Moreover, many Instagram bloggers make money by selling advertising posts.

  • Psychological salon

A psychological salon is similar to political and literary coteries of the XVIII-XIX centuries. The hostess of such a salon is often a woman who also holds various trainings, courses, and psychological games. Thanks to such club format and the use of modern techniques for the rapid development of training, it is possible to create a stable and exciting business that matches the interests of people who look for something “for the soul”.

  • Children’s development club

The more negative feedbacks there are about the quality of public education, the greater the need for additional education for the population. One of the most promising niches is early childhood care and education, namely, children’s development clubs. The key issue in this business is the development of an effective educational program. The Child Development Center conducts classes on the development of the intellectual abilities of a child, social communication skills, creative abilities, imagination, concentration, and various types of creativity (singing, modeling, drawing, dancing, etc.). The task of such a club is to help a child to develop the necessary personal qualities, skills, and talents that will make him a successful adult in the future.

  • Cat Cafe

Ordinary anti-cafes are already old hat. Recently, all kinds of “Animal Cafes” are gaining popularity. Guests of such a cafe can enjoy the following services: to spend free time at the establishment, play with pets, play board games/set-top boxes, attend different interesting events, and enjoy free treats (tea, coffee, and sweets). Most often, guests pay for the time spent in the cafe, but for an additional fee, you can order a photo session with animals, or even purchase one of the pets for yourself or for a loved one.

  • Street food

Street food is considered one of the best areas for small businesses in terms of the “low investment/high income” ratio. Moreover, the entrepreneur has many opportunities to choose the direction of the business: pies, donuts, shawarma, tacos and fajitas, hot dogs and corn dogs, pizza and konopizza, waffle fast food, noodles, pancakes and so on.

  • Fresh bar

Nowadays, the trend for a healthy lifestyle is growing. The business of freshly squeezed drinks not only perfectly corresponds to a healthy life but also requires a small area size (only 5 sq.m.). The business of making and selling beverages based on fresh juices is highly profitable. The minimum markup on the product is about 200-300%.

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